Young Women’s Leadership Chapter 1

Young Women’s Leadership Chapter 1

Recently, I was honoured to be elected with a leader role with big responsibilities in the community work I am working on.

I have to share this with you that I was so nervous and excited that I lost myself for a couple days. It encourages and motivates me in such way that I am fully of energy and ideas for the team. However, I was also overwhelmed with the more responsibilities and higher expectation.

I believe whether you are leader or not, you should make sure you are under control. You need to have an idea about the dynamic with the team, the objectives you would like to lead the team to achieve and figure out a way to achieve it. Thanks to my lovely friends for their support and valuable advice.

· It is always good to know what you want to do. My problem was there are too many things I would like to start with. I note them down and prioritised them. So they won’t be lost and I won’t go crazy (just kidding) to think round and round.

· Stakeholder engagement and communication are very important. Especially, the team members are very experienced and senior than you. It makes the young leadership even hard. Respect from the team to the leadership is absolutely critical. As a leader, I don’t think you always need to lead, but you definitely need to be supported. A good engagement and smooth communication are key elements.

That is what I have figured so far. I believe there are more “tips” for young women’s leadership later on. To be continued….


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