Monthly Archives: September 2013

Embrace the changes?! Part1

There are lots of changes in life. Sometimes you foresee them, sometimes you don’t. Some changes make you strong, some changes make you scared.

Even we are still young, however, we learned to fear. I used to love changes. They bring new, refreshing energy. Somehow, I became fearful about the uncertainty the changes bring. The feeling of not knowing what is gonna happen is mixed – frustrating, tired, nervous and a bit exciting.

Sometimes, we are forced to change. Maybe, that is the “kick” which is needed. But how to embrace the change is a question. Follow the flow? Start a new chapter? Or do nothing? (Yes, do nothing is an option.)

Should emotion be involved as well? What feels the right thing to do? What is the right thing to do? Without foreseeing the future, will you be comfortable about the decision you gonna make?

Lots of questions yet to answered. Think about them. I hope I am able to answer some soon…

Keep smiling.