Embrace the changes?! Part 2

In reality (my life), the changes occurred.

So… I have to embrace the changes.

Even I have thought about the changes before it occurred, it was still painful to accept the changes. It is like to pill a bandaid from your hairy skin, it is painful but necessary.  (PS, I am NOT hairy at all. :P)

So what I’m doing:

  • Follow the strategies I’ve setup before the changes occurred
  • Implement them frequently

Sounds easy, right? No…, you are wrong. The second one is harder than it looks like.

Based on the psychology, human being can lose the confidence once they get declined too many times. That means, even the setup strategies sounds pretty good, if the implementation didn’t reach the expected goals. You will lose your confidence. Then, you will start doubt yourself in doing such things. It starts a bad psychological cycle.

As a practitioner, I am lucky that I have my friends who cares and cheers me up.

I am trying to do something to keep me not insane.

I started a course I would love to do but didn’t have a chance before.

I am trying my hardest to keep my eyes on the goal. I know I will succeed if I am trying.

Last but not the least, keep smile. 🙂


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