Monthly Archives: May 2014

Maybe it is ME causing it!

Today when I was waiting to catch up with a friend at a very busy food shop. I was thinking to take a table when it was free. There were a couple of chances to take a table. They run away quickly while I was hesitating to take it.

It made me think that when we complained about the opportunies are grabbed by the others, it maybe ourselves giving them away.

It is a fast speed society, you need to respond quickly. Great minds think alike. Often, the other already thought about what you are thinking.

I think we shouldn’t need to ask permissions to do things. Be confident! We have to master ” fake til make it”. People say guys are naturally good at it. I don’t quite agree. Everyone needs to practice! They probably practice it since they were born. Women shouldn’t be shy. We need to out there, politely with confidence. With practice, we get there!