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Maybe it is ME causing it!

Today when I was waiting to catch up with a friend at a very busy food shop. I was thinking to take a table when it was free. There were a couple of chances to take a table. They run away quickly while I was hesitating to take it.

It made me think that when we complained about the opportunies are grabbed by the others, it maybe ourselves giving them away.

It is a fast speed society, you need to respond quickly. Great minds think alike. Often, the other already thought about what you are thinking.

I think we shouldn’t need to ask permissions to do things. Be confident! We have to master ” fake til make it”. People say guys are naturally good at it. I don’t quite agree. Everyone needs to practice! They probably practice it since they were born. Women shouldn’t be shy. We need to out there, politely with confidence. With practice, we get there!


Give YOURSELF Some Credit

Quite often I give myself a hard time or not enough credit. I think it might be due to my background. Encouragement was not the usual education strategy when I was young. In contrast, my parents often used the neighbour’s kid as my role model. For example, he got better academic scores.

After I met my husband, I found the power of encouragement. It actually helps you to believe in yourself, feel better and improve yourself. And then, I realised the power of giving yourself credit.
Once you are comfortable about what you are doing, then you can do it well. The credit will build up and the positive circulation will start.

How much credit do you give to yourself?

Be Confident

I am the type of person who will do lots of “homework” when I know I need to, but I still get a bit awkward and nervous. Now I start to realise the untrue and unnecessary impression we give to people. People may doubt our capabilities if we don’t show confidence. Especially when we are helping them with their problems. Imagine if your doctor seems to hesitate or not be sure when they talk to you; you will doubt internally.

As a young woman, I am friendly. I should be more confident about what I stand for. We are establishing our personal and professional styles. Sometimes, just being you is ok.

There still are some other tips.
– Rehearsal before important events.
– Tell yourself, you know what you doing.
– Even if you made a mistake, learn from it.
– Don’t over think it. If you think you are doing a good job, you are!

Sometimes, I am jealous about guys who seem confident about what they say and what they do. Actually, we can be one of them! Don’t underestimate your capability! You need to be comfortable and supportive to yourself before anyone else. You know you can do it! 🙂

Let it go

I’ve started in a new field two weeks ago. I think I have done “too much” to impress my new colleagues. In last few days, I was very regretted and feel sorry about myself. Then I talked to friends and family, I realised that I should let it go. I think, sometimes, you need to shut up and be quiet to think about what you really need to do.

Not saying be rude and arrogant, but humble and friendly. Then use your work, team sprit, outcome to be your approval.

So, for now, let the pass go. Doesn’t matter what you did, the hard work will speak for you.

Embrace the fear

I have accepted a senior position recently. It’s very exciting. However, I am very nervous.

I assume it is common among young women who are on the way up the corporate ladder. We are just not confident enough. We don’t doubt our capabilities but we are concerned about what other people think. It is almost like we need someone to hold our hands, pat our heads and say you will be fine.

I think we should learn how to be confident without consulting unnecessary support. It is ok to step up within our capacity. It is ok to say to yourself that you are ready, because we know we ARE! We don’t have to receive everyone’s acknowledgement before we reach out. Sometimes, just take it as a ride and you know you will survive!

But, always appreciate the support along the way from family and friends. You know you won’t make it without them.

Embrace the changes?! Part1

There are lots of changes in life. Sometimes you foresee them, sometimes you don’t. Some changes make you strong, some changes make you scared.

Even we are still young, however, we learned to fear. I used to love changes. They bring new, refreshing energy. Somehow, I became fearful about the uncertainty the changes bring. The feeling of not knowing what is gonna happen is mixed – frustrating, tired, nervous and a bit exciting.

Sometimes, we are forced to change. Maybe, that is the “kick” which is needed. But how to embrace the change is a question. Follow the flow? Start a new chapter? Or do nothing? (Yes, do nothing is an option.)

Should emotion be involved as well? What feels the right thing to do? What is the right thing to do? Without foreseeing the future, will you be comfortable about the decision you gonna make?

Lots of questions yet to answered. Think about them. I hope I am able to answer some soon…

Keep smiling.

First Female Australian Prime Minister Show Down

Putting the political views aside, Julia Gillard definitely set a great example for women, especially for young women with big aspirations. Gillard and her Prime Minister experience demonstrated that talent women can be a leader in a top rated structure. For young women, it is even more exciting and encouraging.

It is sad that she was ousted in such way. However, politics is brutal. Not just even women. History proves it time and time again. Even Penny Wong switched her support for Julia on Wednesday, but I still believe that nothing is personal and there is no mercy in politics. Gillard probably saw it coming. Unfortunately, she was not able to redeem the situation.

At the end day, I like what Gillard said in her final speech. “(The) reaction to being the first female Prime Minister does not explain everything about my Prime Ministership, nor does it explain nothing about my Prime Ministership.”

This leaves a lot to contemplate.  Apparently, she had hard times in the parliament house. I imagine endless bulling, negotiation and compromise would be involved.

Generally, in a male dominated profession or a boys club, it can be hard to break the ice without know the men’s talk. (Footy, cars, golf and etc) Being a female leadership in a boys club can be even harder. You need to earn respect to lead with authority. If the boys don’t think you can do the job and refuse your leadership, you can be in big trouble. I would imaging endless negations and compromising have been involved.

At least, we have now had a female Prime Minister in Australia. It is thanks to pioneers like Gillard that the next, the third and more people with ‘minority’ backgrounds can reach the top leadership club.