Embrace the changes?! Part1

There are lots of changes in life. Sometimes you foresee them, sometimes you don’t. Some changes make you strong, some changes make you scared.

Even we are still young, however, we learned to fear. I used to love changes. They bring new, refreshing energy. Somehow, I became fearful about the uncertainty the changes bring. The feeling of not knowing what is gonna happen is mixed – frustrating, tired, nervous and a bit exciting.

Sometimes, we are forced to change. Maybe, that is the “kick” which is needed. But how to embrace the change is a question. Follow the flow? Start a new chapter? Or do nothing? (Yes, do nothing is an option.)

Should emotion be involved as well? What feels the right thing to do? What is the right thing to do? Without foreseeing the future, will you be comfortable about the decision you gonna make?

Lots of questions yet to answered. Think about them. I hope I am able to answer some soon…

Keep smiling.


Young Women’s Leadership Chapter 1

Young Women’s Leadership Chapter 1

Recently, I was honoured to be elected with a leader role with big responsibilities in the community work I am working on.

I have to share this with you that I was so nervous and excited that I lost myself for a couple days. It encourages and motivates me in such way that I am fully of energy and ideas for the team. However, I was also overwhelmed with the more responsibilities and higher expectation.

I believe whether you are leader or not, you should make sure you are under control. You need to have an idea about the dynamic with the team, the objectives you would like to lead the team to achieve and figure out a way to achieve it. Thanks to my lovely friends for their support and valuable advice.

· It is always good to know what you want to do. My problem was there are too many things I would like to start with. I note them down and prioritised them. So they won’t be lost and I won’t go crazy (just kidding) to think round and round.

· Stakeholder engagement and communication are very important. Especially, the team members are very experienced and senior than you. It makes the young leadership even hard. Respect from the team to the leadership is absolutely critical. As a leader, I don’t think you always need to lead, but you definitely need to be supported. A good engagement and smooth communication are key elements.

That is what I have figured so far. I believe there are more “tips” for young women’s leadership later on. To be continued….

The other day I met a young migrant woman, who has common questions as the others. She is not very happy with her current situation. She is not doing what she studied for and she missed the family, things she is used to.

As a migrant, I know it is very hard. You have pretty much start from the scratch. I believe you have to be 100% sure about what do you want.

It is nothing wrong to stay in the new country for a while. (e.g. a year or two) You need time to figure it out. Like buying a garment, you have to try it for fitting before you buy it. It is just sad to see the migrant who have been here for a long time but still not happy with the “new life”.

1. If you decide to settle in a foreign country, please be prepared about the cultures’ differences. A new language, brand new life style, there might be nothing in common with what you are used to. However, jump into it. Learn the language, make new friends and adopt the new life style bit by bit. You will be fine. The beginning is always hard, but once you kicked off the new life, everything actually can fly.

2. If you decide that you don’t want to settle to another country. You are not a natural linguist, and you don’t want to be one. It is nothing wrong to return to the country you were born, grown up and familiar with. A happy life is not qualified by where the individual lives but whether the individual feels happy or not. I know it is hard, but, don’t worry about the other’s judgement. You don’t have to return home with wealth but you’ve got the richest and valuable thing – experience.

Once the decision is made, you will feel relieved. The life from that point will only be forwards and onwards, because you know what you want.


First Female Australian Prime Minister Show Down

Putting the political views aside, Julia Gillard definitely set a great example for women, especially for young women with big aspirations. Gillard and her Prime Minister experience demonstrated that talent women can be a leader in a top rated structure. For young women, it is even more exciting and encouraging.

It is sad that she was ousted in such way. However, politics is brutal. Not just even women. History proves it time and time again. Even Penny Wong switched her support for Julia on Wednesday, but I still believe that nothing is personal and there is no mercy in politics. Gillard probably saw it coming. Unfortunately, she was not able to redeem the situation.

At the end day, I like what Gillard said in her final speech. “(The) reaction to being the first female Prime Minister does not explain everything about my Prime Ministership, nor does it explain nothing about my Prime Ministership.”

This leaves a lot to contemplate.  Apparently, she had hard times in the parliament house. I imagine endless bulling, negotiation and compromise would be involved.

Generally, in a male dominated profession or a boys club, it can be hard to break the ice without know the men’s talk. (Footy, cars, golf and etc) Being a female leadership in a boys club can be even harder. You need to earn respect to lead with authority. If the boys don’t think you can do the job and refuse your leadership, you can be in big trouble. I would imaging endless negations and compromising have been involved.

At least, we have now had a female Prime Minister in Australia. It is thanks to pioneers like Gillard that the next, the third and more people with ‘minority’ backgrounds can reach the top leadership club.